What Are Consumer Cases?

Cases developed out of consumer disputes, conflicts, and grievances that violate consumer rights qualify as consumer rights exploitation cases in India. Any violation of a consumer’s rights can be reported to the Consumer Court.

Documents Required

→  Application pack containing an index page
→  Vakalatnama/ Letter of Authority (in cases representing other’s case)
→  Copies of documents that relate to the case
→  Copies of documents sent to the service provider
→  Copies of Complaints
→  Bill of Purchase

Process Of Filing A Complaint

→  Identify the Jurisdiction of the Forum of filing the complaint.
→  Pay the prescribed fee with the complaint, to the respective forum.
→  The required documents must be attached.
→  Explain in the complaint the reason the case falls within the District/State/National forum.
→  Mention the form of compensation required, in the complaint.
→  File an affidavit along with the complaint. The affidavit states that the facts mentioned are actual.


You may face heavy fines and imprisonment starting at 3-6 months depending on the amount due.

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