What Is Design Registration?

Design Registration is a process of application for the registration of a design. It is a right given to the creator by the statute, which is different from Trademark and Copyright. With registration, the owner of the design may not have any rights.

Documents Required For Design Registration

1. A certified copy of the original extracts from disclaimers
2. Affidavits
3. A Declaration
4. Other public documents at the time of payment of a fee.

What Is The Process Of Registration?

1. The application should be submitted in the prescribed form accompanied by the prescribed fee and four specimen copies.
2. The design registration undergoes an examination
3. Once the defects have been rectified(if any), a registration certificate is issued.


The liabilities of a design infringement results in the offender paying a sum of not exceeding Rs 25,000 for every contravention recoverable as a contract debt to the registered proprietor. The total amount of recoverable design shouldn’t exceed Rs 50,000.
The design registration lasts for ten years after which it can be further extended for five years by filing an application

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