What Does Due-Diligence Mean?

The voluntary investigation that a business is supposed to undertake before it enters an agreement/contract with another party is known as Due-diligence.

Documents Required For The Process:

1. Proof of the existence of the business
2. Financial & bank Statements
3. Documents regarding tax returns, registration, and certificates
4. Statutory Registers
5. Property and application documents
6. Utility Bills
7. Employee Records

What Is The Process Of Registration?

1. Terms of engagement are decided between the parties and a non-disclosure agreement is signed
2. Operational data and information about the business is gathered and documented
3. Financial statements are gathered and documented
4. Legal and regulatory data is gathered and documented
5. Results of the business’ Due-diligence is shared with the buyer and/or seller


Are covered financial institutions required to use the beneficial ownership Certification Form?

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